About the gala
Meijia yue electric appliance co., LTD is located in the kitchen of the largest industrial base,
Is known as“Kitchen utensils and appliances”的——Zhejiang shengzhou,
Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Marketing as one of the leading enterprises in the modern kitchen utensils and appliances,Specialized in the development of the integrated kitchen appliances enterprises,
Has become the nation's largest integrated environmental protection kitchenOEMOne of the suppliers,For the domestic numerous well-known brands designated manufacturers。
Mei jia le company has advanced modern production lines and stamping equipment and product quality testing equipment,
Currently has“Large cluster”Laser cutting machine2Taiwan、Large CNC shearing machine5Taiwan、CNC bending machine15Taiwan、500Tons more DingGang hydraulic press2Taiwan、500Under tons of hydraulic press4Taiwan、Common punching machine23Taiwan、Automatic laser welding machine2Taiwan,And under the company has set up a mold development company...
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Δ [2017-04-10]
  Mei jia le integration stove USES dual power、Automatic exhaust opening、A bellows three national patents(National invention patent:ZL201130078638.4 National invention patent:ZL20113...
Δ [2017-04-10]
   In order to strengthen and improve the production site management,Improve enterprise basic management level in an all-round way,Mei jia le manufacturing6SManagement knowledge training。Training shall be from the site management...
Δ [2017-04-10]
    With more and more people seeking high quality life,Integrated albino yuan meat goes into oven in the kitchen culture,Also had already integrated kitchen specialist...
Δ [2017-04-10]
   In recent years after the gala a number of kitchen utensils and appliances industry professional companies such as continuous improvement、To improve,And perseverance to the product and market promotion and development,Integrated kitchen products...
Δ [2017-04-10]
As living standards improve constantly,Changed the lifestyle of people,Fashion、Popular、Classic became the focus of attention,Especially those beautiful fully functional kitchen appliances,Let you disappear in the kitchen...
Δ [2017-04-10]
    According to the visit,Now consumers on the choice of kitchen utensils and appliances,Besides single attention to product quality and price,The product design style is consistent...
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