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  • Business calls:0374-3212498


    Contacts:Period of Mr  13839019962

    Contacts:Mr Liu  13253731737


    The zip code:461000

    The company address:The authors Xu Ji avenue Xu Ji garden

    Company website:www.duichengde.cn 
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pic  Into the sunshine
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    Xuchang security service co., LTD., established in sunshine2006Years4Month,Its predecessor is a defence classics alarm squadron Xu Ji group co., LTD,In the enterprise restructuring,Established with independent legal person qualification of a limited liability company,The business guidance and supervision by the authors on the public security bureau,Mainly engaged in civil air defense security service, ...[To check the details]

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    • Xuchang meetall bridge co., LTD

      The authors bao yuan hall large pharmacy chain co., LTD

      Henan Xu Ji transformer co., LTD

      Henan longyuan spend not co., LTD

      Big ShengWei electrical technology co., LTD

      Xu Changlong is hair jewelry co., LTD

      XJ Electric Co., Ltd

      Xu Ji protection automation system co., LTD

      Xu Changxian of agricultural products logistics co., LTD

      Xu Ji group co., LTD

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