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The phone:0530-5026699
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Company profile

Company profile

Company profile

 Heze Jin Sheng elevator service co., LTD., established in2009Years2Month19Day,Is approved by the state technical supervision bureau,City administration for industry and commerce registration,Set all kinds of elevator products sales、Maintenance and repair、Maintenance services such as elevator industry professional enterprise。With a new business、A new consciousness、The new idea、The new standard,The innovation of service concept。

Since the establishment of the company at the beginning,Then focus on the establishment of the modern enterprise management system and advanced product technology,And cultivate a batch of high level、Highly qualified technicians,For the society to provide first-class technology,The elevator product installation,Repair and maintenance services,The social and business interests win-win good situation。

Company organizational structure:The company's highest authority for the board of directors,The general manager responsibility system。Consists of Marketing Department、Engineering maintenance department、Technical quality inspection department and the office,Company staff165People,The installation team4A,Maintenance team10And equipment、Spare parts warehouse。All kinds of professional and technical personnel equipped reasonable,Office area256Square meters。A complete installation、Repair and maintenance facilities and testing means,Meet all kinds of elevator product installation maintenance and other technical requirements。

      Company specialized is engaged in the installation maintenance all kinds of brand type elevator。Companies adhere to the people-oriented,Pay attention to credibility,Abide by the credibility of the principle of service,And equipped with the complete testing maintenance equipment,Strong technical force。The existing staff165People,One of them,Senior engineer2People,Engineer4People,Assistant engineer4People,Management personnel5People,Install the maintenance personnel100、Inspection personnel50Name,Have issued by the quality and technical supervision department《Special elevator operation certificate》。The elevator installation quality acceptance qualified rate100%,Deeply the general customers and the elevator factory's consistent high praise。Company all the year round for many domestic enterprises and institutions of the elevator to provide high quality maintenance service,Ensure customer work earnestly and normal production,Won wide praise。

Companies adhere to quality of gold、Good faith、Set up the world,Safe and reliable for the first principle of service,Pay attention to the individuation of engineering and product,We will use science, and enthusiastic service to each project,Meet different customers' various needs。Believe in the government and quality supervision departments at all levels of care and support,The company will be skilled in this area、The elevator service enterprises。

At present,West the schindler elevator、Thyssenkrupp elevator、Hangzhou theo elevator、Shanghai alpha elevator elevator manufacturers such as manufacturers, established a good technical cooperation with the company、Delegate、Authorized agency relationship。And in my company set up offices and after-sales service。Will provide full system for elevator in the city of the elevator service。

The company insists on“Good faith for this,Quality first,High-quality service,The user is supreme”The quality policy,Enterprise institutions from all walks of life wholeheartedly provide first-class service lift。

Corporate philosophy:Treat every customer sincerely,Earnestly implement every promise,From the continuous improvement、Learning to surpass oneself。

Strive for perfection、Meet user requirements
                                        Honest with each other、To provide quality services

The company promises:

1、Normal maintenance period,The company guarantees a year-round365Days、Every day24Hours of all-weather service,Ensure customer safety and normal operation of the elevator。

2、Normal maintenance period,Company maintenance service personnel shall be implemented for each elevator initiative of not less than twice a month、Preventive maintenance work,In order to reduce and prevent the happening of the fault。

3、Each year a written opinion communication with customers,The customer satisfaction questionnaire,According to the customer feedback,Continuously improve our work,Better to provide quality services to the customers。

4、Company maintenance call:0530-5527878,0530-5026699The company elevator professionals willing to provide you with quality service at any time。

     Heze Jin Sheng elevator will, as always, market-oriented,Take the quality as the core,To create a first-rate elevator engineering service enterprises as the goal,Moment with a new attitude,To create“For a long time、Stability、Development、Science and technology、International”The top of the elevator service company evergreen。

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