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Linzhou chenhui switch co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery on the Banks of the red flag canal,In the east of beijing-guangzhou railway、Beijing-zhuhai expressway,JiJin and henan provinces border,The transportation is convenient、Communication is convenient。The company is set research and development、Production will switch machine heavy rail line accessories businesses,At the same time narrow gauge line accessories production coal standards、Harvesters、Bend machine、Track jack、Move the machine、Standard tail bolt、The plywood、Spike、Valves LanPan and production of various kinds of machine for castings of various kinds of malleable iron castings、Driving,And to undertake non-standard industrial and mining enterprises switch and design processing。Existing mechanical processing、Car、Milling、Plane、Forging press、Stamping、Casting and other large equipment,Can produce all kinds of national standard...

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Understand a simple switch down
Switch is a large family,Can be divided into different types of rail,Such as single switch,The cross rail line,Float switch,Rotary switch, etc。Different switch,A...
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Simple know about the thread spike installation method
Though,Thread spike is a railway accessories,And in the entire switch structure plays a very important fastening effect,To ensure that the switch can normal running。However,You want to...
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Linzhou chenhui switch co., LTD The ground The address: Linzhou city of yao fixed-angle village, south village100M Contacts: The field manager The phone : 0372-6511799 A mobile phone: 15837225922 Fax : 0372-6518199
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