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[ Corporate news ] Warm congratulations on the company suzhou rail transit4Line mechanical and electrical installation and decoration construction project was awarded2017-2018The annual China installation engineering quality award!
[ Corporate news ] Warm congratulations on the company be province construction hall、Provincial bureau of statistics、Provincial department of commerce awarded2017The annual enterprise of jiangsu construction industry!
[ Corporate news ] Warm congratulations on the company cooperated-builing boc international finance building(The bank of China tower)荣获中国建设工程鲁班奖(National high quality project)!
[ Corporate news ] Thermal column on site successfully established nantong Yangtze equipment installation co., LTD!
  Nantong Yangtze equipment installation co., LTD. Has a mechanical and electrical engineering construction general contracting qualification level,At the same time have fire control facilities、Building mechanical and electrical installation、Electronic and intelligent engineering、City and road lighting specialized contracting grade one,Petrochemical engineering construction general contracting level、Architectural decoration project specialized contracting grade b qualification and special equipmentGB1(ContainPE)、GB2(2)、GC2Pressure pipe installation qualification。Through the quality、Environmental and occupational health and safety management system certification。The registered capital6018Ten thousand yuan。Company management system highly effective and reasonable,Organization responsibilities clear,Strong technical force,Professional、Form a complete set of equipment is complete。Installation construction team several provinces and cities across the country。
  Over the years,The company always adhere to the“Main business well,Do the professional,Several rounds of drivers”The management policy,Seize opportunities,Expand the market,With advanced management concept,On the basis of scientific management methods,To create“Yangzi brand”As own duty,Practical,Be particular about integrity……
The bank of China international finance building(The bank of China tower)Won luban prize
Metropark international hotel cooling room
Metropark international hotel of the cooling tower
Shandong province tumor hospital transformer room
Shandong province CDC
The rhyme garden
Tongli lake grand hotel
Eli suzhou co., LTD
Grundfos pumps(Suzhou)Co., LTD
Suzhou industrial park building of taxation
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CBIWuxi completely(Mt)Innovation base ventilation engineering life
Wuxi little swan test center mechanical and electrical installation project
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Wuxi peach blossom mountain landfill tunnel installation project
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Nantong bao sheng chemical co., LTD
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The left bank of the lake
The rhyme garden
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