2018Years7Month21In xining city in qinghai province, problems during games town Wilson wu bees and Zhu Hua bee pollen powder off contrast experiment was carried out。

Experiments by the Chinese academy of agricultural sciences' institute of bees、The Chinese society of beekeeping bee machine expert Dr Jian-ke li personal guidance,Select group of potential size,Child spleen structure is similar to the swarm of experimental group and control group,The experimental group adopted beneficial essence card off powder hives,Control group adopts currently on the market the most prolific outside the box off powder。The first group3The group of experimental group,3The group of control group,The second group8The group of experimental group,8The group of control group。

Experimental group profit fine brand powder hive off using one-way street design:By bees nest door to enter,Off powder from the plane after the bees fly directly from the mouth。In and out of the shunt,Won't cause congestion angered the bees nest door。First proposed the idea one-way street hives。Passing by4Hours of contrast experiment,The results are obtained。

The first group:The experimental colony3Group,Contrast the swarm3Group,Take off time9:5013:50,Altogether4Hours(Half a day),The experimental group off powder number three box for the net2.315kg,The average0.771kg;Control group 3 cases of pollen for the net1.18kg,The average0.393kg

The second group:The experimental colony8Group,The swarm8Group,Take off time9:5014:10,Altogether4Hours20Minutes,The experimental group number off powder8Box for the net6.72kg,The average0.84kg;The control group8Box off powder for the net3.52kg,The average0.44kg

The experiment Wu Jie director at the Chinese academy of beekeeping、Vice President of song heart imitation、Li-hong Chen high attention in the whole process of the secretary-general。Wu, chairman of the spending the experiment needs to be repeated in multiple places,The song teacher think this design is a scientific hive,Especially the idea of a one-way street can effectively avoid the bees in the nest door jams,But need more to listen to the user's opinion,To further improve this hive。The secretary-general that the experimental group can hive are praised by Dr Lee is very rare。

The results by the present society, deputy director of bee Shen Zhonghui the machinery branch of height,He thinks this hive can not only increase production of the swarm,Also can avoid sudden rain and snow weather damage to bees and honey products。Representative of the beekeepers in witness、Bee industry gives good fine powder hive off consistent high praise,They think it is a new breakthrough in off powder can increase the revenue and effort。There are many beekeepers said to immediately replace the hives on the spot。

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