Linyi city ring xiang water meter co., LTD

Linyi city ring xiang water meter co., LTD,(Registered trademark“Ring cheung”)Is the design、Production、Series of products sales professional company。Is located in the port town baisha station,By the side of zhu qi,Linyi river in the west,Is the writer is known for his filial piety is introduced and the country of book SAN wang xizhi's hometown。

Company covers an area of18000Square meters,The construction area12000Square meters,Total fixed assets2000Ten thousand yuan,Current assets1600Ten thousand yuan。Now from personnel of course of study280People,With professional and technical personnel180People。The company set production technology、Quality inspection department、Product development department、Sales department、The finance department。Water meter series product research and development ability。

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Honorary certificateProfessional、Innovation、Quality、Responsibility

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  • Address:Linyi city of shandong province country-specific ones district town baisha port GuJia Village stations
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