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    The owner complaints30Minutes of preliminary solution to the owner,24Hours after the results and carry out

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    To apply for the free design,We will recommend your city,3Home decorate a company to help you out of the design brand,A design scheme of comparison to select the most suitable for you。

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    Goods than3Don't fall for it to find local floor price

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    In order to guarantee the quality of owner decorate construction,Set up quality control department,10A decorated veteran on-site inspection site for you at any time,Decorate a company to construction quality inspection,The entire regulation completely in owner Angle。

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  • Chengde city fashion house decoration co., LTD
  • Card Noah custom home
  • Chengde power Thai decoration engineering co., LTD
The phone:0314-7663377The company address:Chengde city double bridge Wu Lie road federation tower19Layer

The phone:13303144008The company address:High-tech zone is a family of five floor card Noah custom home

The phone:15731415752The company address:Jia and squareASeat605

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